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Why is Panama an attractive country for a living?

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Panama offers different options for whom decide to live or work in its country or for whom simply choose it as a second best home for a living such as retired and pensioned people had been doing since around 4 years ago.

For any of those options you must know that migratory status is always obtained by a proceeding that needs to be filed by a lawyer in the Ministry of Government and Justice of Panama.

DECRETO Ley N˚ 3 del 22 de febrero de 2008, "Que crea el Servicio Nacional de Migración, la Carrera Migratoria y dicta otras disposiciones"... documento PDF

DECRETO EJECUTIVO N˚ 320 del 8 de AGOSTO de 2008, "Que reglamenta el Decreto Ley No. 3 de 22 de febrero de 2008"... documento PDF

DECRETO EJECUTIVO N˚ 26 del 2 de MARZO de 2009, "Que modifica, adiciona y deroga artículos del Decreto Ejecutivo 320 de 8 de agosto de 2008"... documento PDF


Among the different visas that a foreign may apply in Panama there are the following:

- Retiree Visa

- Pensioned Tourist Visa

- Self Economic Solvency Visa

- Small Business Investor Visa

- Temporary Visa in agreement with the City of Knowledge

- Temporary Visa for students

- Visa by virtue of a Resolution of the Ministry of Labor

- Work Permit

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